Indocrypt 2016

On 11th December 2016, around 70 (not sure) Authors and Delegates gather at the Auditorium of the Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata. I was very happy and felt proud to be one of them. Mathematicians, Computer Scientists, and Programmers gather because of no other reason, but because of Indocrypt 2016, one of the most valued Cryptography Conference in India.

The credit of me being able to attend such an important conference goes to Dr. Goutam Kumar Paul. He was my guide. my caretaker and my friend. He was a very open and normal person, he never put himself above others. But still, he was one of the most respectful people I’ve ever met in my academic life.

So sad that I have no camera device to capture the wonderful moments. I try to attach some if I can get some from other delegates. šŸ˜€

The first day ( 11/12/2016, Sunday) was a Tutorials session, given by Orr Dunkelman and Claudio Orlandi. Most of the delegates reached on this day only and of course felt tired. That is why the auditorium (conference hall) was very quiet (some of us are snoring… šŸ˜€  zzzzz).

Blog hi formal deuh hian ka ziak thiam ngang lo ani e. Mizo tawng tlem kan zep tel leh zeuh ang a; Chawchhun kan han ei a, buh pangngai (steam rice) , arsa kan, dailuah kan, fanghma leh purun sen zai lep, alu kan ro an lo buatsaih a. Ceramic plate ah fiante leh fork nen kan han ti ve a. Ka ei tui thei ngang lo a. Han bar mawlh mawlh mai ka chak viau na in ka bar ngam ngang lo a ni e. Ka lanmawi duh vangin ka puar loh phah chu a ni mai awm e. Han bar puk puk ila ka lang mawi lo awm chuang der si lo ila! šŸ˜€ 

The lunch was a perfect one except I dare not to dig in with my bare hand, which was my tradition (digging in with bare hand). Shame on me!

The conference (paper presentation) starts on the second day, with an invited talk between 2-3 presentations. The conference was maintaining a proper schedule with the correct timing. The paper presentation continues on the 3rd day and the banquet was held in Bengal Club, Kolkata on this evening, which I did not attend as I am having some other Internship-related work which I continued till the next morning (yeah, didn’t sleep!)

I went to my hostel room at around 7 in the morning, change my clothes and sleep for 4 hours, took bath, and headed off for Indocrypt which was about to start their lunch. Perfect timing!!! I wish I could take the picture of us having lunch under the coconut trees.

As I was saying in the previous post, I have no deep knowledge about Cryptography at all. Because of this, the conference was not a good experience academically, but it was a very very good experience in general! The delegates and authors are some of the most friendly people I’ve met.

Lastly, I’ll try to attach some appropriate photos if I can get them. And thanks again to my Professor Dr.Paul. (even though the chance of him seeing this post is very less!). Thank you, Sir! šŸ˜€ šŸ˜€