How I mined XMR and exchanged them with INR

Tih tur a awm lo emai a, thil ho mai mai kan sawi deuh duah ang e. Sap tawng ngatin.

Mining cryptocurrency is a hell of a thing. It needs patience, time, and money itself. I would, certainly, not suggest anyone mine them unless you can do some hacking. In simple terms, don’t mine on your own processors.

I know how to hack (that I would not share), and mine them. When I calculate the profit ratios (gain:loss), it shows a horizontal 8 ( āˆž ).

I mined Monero (XMR) through Minergate platform.

Since nobody really wants to read long articles (especially when they are poor English), I would cut it short and mention a few things only.

I started mining crypto just a month before crypto was banned in India. In a month’s time, I mined Monero (XMR) worth 3,000 INR. By the time I am ready to exchange them for INR, they are already banned.

But, here is how I somehow managed to exchange them.

I transferred XMR to my Freewallet ( account. Since there is no direct exchange, I did a little research on how I could get that transferred to my account.

I found this platform called WazirX. The guys at WazirX somehow make a way to trade (buy & sell) cryptos in India. They call it P2P, where users can exchange USDT (Tether tokens) to INR, which is not banned. Through this P2P, users can buy tokens from other users who have USDT and vice-versa. That USDT can also be exchanged with BTC and other coins.

So, what I have to do is to transfer my XMR to WazirX. But, WazirX does not support XMR. So, firstly, I convert my XMR to BTC inside Freewallet (with some exchange fee). So, now I have BTC. Then, I transferred them to my WazirX wallet.

Inside WazirX, I sold my BTC to some USDT holders. Now, I have USDT. Using the WazirX P2P, I now exchange my USDT with INR, which is transferred directly to my bank account.

Well, it was some journey to my bank account. I wish I could mention how I mined them. It may forever be the strangest way of earning money for me.

Now, I have to buy something from my Wishlist. šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚